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Beat the banker in Deal or No deal!

Inspired by the world-renowned game show ‘Deal or No Deal’, this online title by Evolution Gaming captures the thrilling and rewarding atmosphere of its live counterpart that caters to players who want to access it in the comforts of their home.

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What is Deal or no Deal?

The premise of this game is similar to that of a famous reality game show where players are given the option to guess whether the total amount of money in the remaining 16 briefcases will surpass the banker’s offer or not.

Every time the wheel is spun, you have a chance of winning the most sought-after briefcase in the world. The greater the size of your stake and the greater the number of spins you make, the more money you may earn. 

You have the option of selecting one of the briefcases arranged through 1 to 16 on the left and right sides of the wheel.

The first briefcases from 1-8 on the left are labelled in blue, while those on the right, numbered 9-16, are marked in red. Each time you spin the wheel, you may just click on the briefcase you’d want to bet on to place your stake.

Deal or No Deal online has a live primary host and hostess to add more immediacy to the game. Their responsibilities include handling the briefcases, interacting with the other players, and communicating with the Banker.

How to play the game

Deal or No Deal is a virtual game where you bet on the worth of your briefcase against the ones the banker has. To progress to the next round, players are required to spin the wheel to find out whether they’re qualified or not.

There are four rounds in Deal or No Deal that you should finish each round before you can  qualify in the final round. Here are the levels you have to complete during the game: 

Qualifying round

The first round is the qualification phase, where you will see a giant metal wheel with three concentric circles on the surface. Each ring has gold and metal sections in different sizes. 

A minimum of three gold segments on each wheel’s rings must be matched to qualify. Before spinning, don’t forget to set your bet and place your wager. To advance to the next round, you must land all three gold segments on the wheel.

Top up round

Once you’re qualified in the next level, you’ll see a Top Up wheel that allows you to increase the amount of money in the briefcase. The reward in your selected briefcase will include the number that the wheel lands on. 

Game show round

There are four rounds of briefcase opening in the Game Show round where the banker will make an offer to the player for each round. The value inside the briefcase is revealed during the first round and, once opened, is no longer valid. 

A total of three briefcases will be unlocked during the first round, leaving a total of thirteen briefcases to be opened in the next. The banker will offer you a deal, and you may either accept it or decline.

The money will be transferred into your bank account if you accept the offer. If you choose the No Deal option, you will go to the next round, where four more briefcases will be revealed. 

Final round

The banker makes the last offer when there are only two briefcases left unopened, and you have the option to choose Deal, No deal or Switch.

Choosing the deal option means you are accepting the banker’s offer. However, if you select the No Deal option, you are confident with your briefcase, and you win the amount attached to the said case. On the other hand, choosing the switch option allows you to change briefcases. 

Immerse yourself with Deal or No Deal’s game perspectives

What sets Deal or No Deal apart from other casino games is that it’s highly interactive since it allows players to choose on the spot whether or not they accept the dealer’s offer. To understand the game further, there are two perspectives you should know. Learn more about it here: 

Banker’s perspective

The Bankers is interested in keeping your reward money as low as possible, regardless of how long you play. Keep in mind that their aim is only to make an offer that raises the value of the game from their standpoint.

Player’s perspective

When a contestant enters the game, they will be informed of the possible reward they can receive. That’s why players already have 

Deal or No Deal: Game interface

Evolution Gaming ensures that the game offers an immersive experience for players looking for more engagement in the game. Here are some of the elements that make Deal or No Deal an ideal game to play: 


Deal or No deal Live resembles the television show wherein all briefcases are arranged chronologically. The game takes place at one of the private studios of Evolution Gaming to make you feel as if you’re really at the game show. There’s even a host who will guide you through as you speak and outwit the banker.

Video quality 

Deal or No Deal is broadcast live from the Evolution Gaming studios. Since the game is broadcast on high-quality definition, players will have no trouble keeping up with the action and immersing themselves in the game. 

Because internet speeds differ across devices and on different networks, players can adjust the video quality. This may be accomplished by using the settings button, which is located at the uppermost part of the screen.

Mobile or desktop interface

Deal or No Deal is accessible on several platforms such as mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. Having a larger screen allows you to immerse yourself in the game and engage better with the live dealers.  

Expect clear shots and different angles since the camera will employ optical character recognition to identify such movements to recognise the host’s actions in front of the dealer as the game starts. 

Is it a Deal or No Deal? 

Try your hand at Deal or No Deal to see if you can outwit the banker. This is the only live game show that offers a unique and thrilling experience. Spin the wheel and start playing here in Bitcasino!

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