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Live casino dos & don’ts for a fun gaming experience

Thanks to the internet and live casino gaming systems, you can now enjoy an authentic casino experience while relaxing on your couch! However, just like in a physical casino game table, you need to follow an etiquette code while playing to ensure an enjoyable and problem-free live casino experience. 

So you know what to do, Bitcasino has prepared the following live casino do’s and don’ts you need to remember.   

Learn the game rules

When playing a live, online casino game, its rules are the first thing you need to know. This will allow you to play properly and wisely without disturbing others. Here are a few ways for you to do so:

Check description

Checking the live game’s description gives you an idea of what the game is like, from the minimum betting requirements to its prizes. Additionally, this stops you from being taken by surprise by what’s happening.

Don’t ask gameplay questions

To ensure a smooth gaming experience, don’t ask any gameplay questions on the chatbox for your competitors and the dealer to answer. This can slow down everyone’s decision making since you could be disturbing them. Plus, it’s better to do your research before playing the game so you can maximise your time while playing.

Understand game functionality

If you’re more used to playing in land casinos and playing online is new to you, it’s best to be familiar and understand the game’s functionality first before placing bets. This is so you can prevent yourself from wasting money by pressing the wrong buttons or betting on the wrong wager. 

Respect dealer

The live dealer has the responsibility of facilitating the game properly so you and other players can have the best gaming experience. For them to achieve this, you need to do your part and show them respect throughout the game. Refrain from To do so, follow the actions below:

Don’t ask for special treatment

If you find yourself losing or wanting to get an edge over your competition, you may be considering offering the dealer something extra. However, stern rules implemented by casinos instruct them to not accept bribes and let everyone get the same chances of winning.

Don’t act violently

When you’re losing the game, it’s best to keep calm and strategize your next move. Avoid acting violently towards the dealer and showing them your rage. 

Additionally, be patient if they make mistakes. In case of failure, you may chat with them and politely mention their error so they can fix it.

Don’t come drunk

Having a couple of beers or other alcoholic beverages while playing live casinos may be tempting. But while it’s fun to play while drinking, be sure to keep it at a minimum since playing while drunk may result in unruly behaviour and disrupt other players’ experience. Aside from those, here are a few reasons why drunk-playing is unideal:

Irrational player

Coming to the game drunk will make you irrational. Meaning, you might not realize if you have good/bad cards and make bets that you can’t afford. You will want to avoid this happening because it can cost you a fortune so stay sober during a live game. 

Rude bettor

Drunk players tend to be rude to the people around them especially when they lose. From saying crude jokes, shouting at the dealers, to generally being unpleasant during game time, they can do all these since they’re not in their best rational condition. To make sure everyone enjoys a fun time playing, keep yourself sober during game time.

Incapable of playing correctly

While you’re drunk, the game suddenly becomes harder. You will find yourself unaware of what to press, how to properly bet and even maybe forget about how the game is played. Due to these, the game’s overall flow becomes ruined and it becomes difficult for everyone to play.

Keep personal thoughts to yourself

When playing, you must remember that you’re at a gaming table with strangers and not your old friends. Though you may want to share some things about yourself, it’s best to restrict yourself from sharing the following to keep yourself safe:

Personal information

Refrain from sharing personal information like your home address, contact details and other identifiable information since others can use these to do criminal acts.

Inappropriate dialogue

To ensure everyone’s having a good time, refrain from speaking any inappropriate dialogue. Though your jokes may be great to share with your friends and family, they can be offensive to other players and the dealer. So it’s best to keep your humour to your personal life. 

Additionally, flirting with the dealer or any other player is not allowed. Respect and privacy are highly valued at Bitcasino, so it’s best not to hit on anyone and ask for their real name.

Respect other players

One of the best benefits of live casinos is that you’re playing with real people and not just the computer system. However, just like in real life, you have to be at your best behaviour when playing with them to maintain a friendly and conducive gaming atmosphere. 

Here are some important social etiquette practices to remember when playing:

Cards and Advice

While playing the game, do not disturb the other players by revealing what your cards are and asking for advice. Not only does this ruin the thrill of playing but it also stops them from having a fluid gaming experience. That’s why it’s best for you to focus on yourself and think about your next move, rather than ask others. 

Don’t argue with other players

Everyone’s playing to have a good time, so it’s best not to argue with them. To ensure no arguments break off, refrain from doing personal attacks against the other players in the chat. These include calling them hurtful names or accusing them of cheating.

Don’t cheat

No matter where you play, cheating will always be frowned upon. The same goes for playing live online casino games. To ensure you don’t get banned from experiencing fun gameplay and great prizes, refrain from hacking attempts on the site or using cheating devices.

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