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Lucky gambling rituals that’ll make you a winner

Ever since casino games were introduced to the world, players have been formulating different theories that can help them increase their chances of winning. This is because they know that these fun and rewarding games only have two outcomes: winning and losing. This resulted in players relying on lucky gambling rituals to make sure they have a high chance of winning. 

They believe that doing certain things, wearing specific colours and bringing random objects that correspond to luck can help them win more and lose less. If you want to learn more about these lucky gambling rituals and superstitions, discover some practices players do:

Wearing red

Aside from making you look powerful and filled with love, some players believe that wearing red also brings you luck in the casino. This superstition can be traced back to ancient Chinese culture where red is believed to bring extreme good luck to whoever has it. That’s why you’ll often see this colour in all Chinese homes and stores.

In other words, this superstition made its way to different parts of the world and eventually landed in casino culture. With this ritual, all you need to do is wear anything with the shade of red as you play your favourite casino games.

If you’re one to shy away from wearing this bright and ‘in-your-face’ colour, don’t worry! You can also opt to bring any kind of accessory with a shade of red on it such as hair ties, handkerchiefs, scarves, etc. The important thing is that you’ll wear them before you start playing.

Crossing fingers

One of the most famous and easiest ways players believe you can attract luck is by crossing your fingers. However, this lucky gambling ritual has been around for ages but wasn’t specifically invented for playing casino games. Instead, it’s always been used to wish for something.

To properly do this ritual, all you have to do is cross your index and middle fingers by overlapping the latter with the former. This is done in the middle of the game after making a decision and you’re hoping that the result is in your favour.

Knocking on wood

An unpopular gambling ritual that doesn’t get much appreciation is knocking on wood. This pagan tradition is done because they believed that good spirits capable of preventing bad outcomes live inside the roots of trees and knocking on wood brings luck.

Blowing on the dice

When playing any casino game that requires a roll of the dice, you’ll see someone blowing on them before proceeding to throw them on the table. This is because it’s believed that it can give an extra boost of luck to the one who blew on the dice.

This superstition is one of the most famous ones on this list. That’s why it has made its way to renowned movies with one of the most popular ones being Iron Man. Try blowing on the dice the next time you play to see if your luck will change for the better.

Wishing upon a fountain

Have you ever wondered why most of the fountains found in casinos have coins submerged in them? That’s because one of the oldest gambling rituals in history is wishing upon a fountain, which is typically accompanied by offering a coin.

Moreover, other players believe that the higher the amount of your offering, the more chances you’ll have of winning. With this in mind, make sure to stop by the fountain of your preferred casino the next time you try your hand at your favourite slot or table games.

Bringing a rabbit’s foot

How far are you willing to go to chase luck? Well, some people from China and America during 600 BC, would go as far as to bring along a real rabbit’s foot with them wherever they go. Fortunately, you won’t have to do this today since there are lucky charms that imitate these things made out of latex and fake fur.

Don’t worry about losing luck if you don’t own an actual rabbit’s foot because what this represents is courage during unfavourable times and not luck. It only became a symbol of luck when it was passed down to the subsequent generations.

Additionally, these lucky charms are believed to provide fortune to their owner so make sure to put one in your pocket the next time you head to your favourite casino!

Tapping the slot machine

One of the most common things that slot players do to increase their chances of winning while playing is by tapping on the machine itself. This lucky gambling ritual is usually done as the reels are spinning and is believed to help players land winning combinations on one of the game’s paylines. 

Moreover, the tapping is usually done on the right side of the machine. However, if that ritual isn’t enough for you, some players take it up a notch by kicking and talking to the slot machines themselves.

Bringing a four-leaf clover

Nothing screams luck more than a four-leaf clover. This Irish symbol has been associated with the Celtics since 1,000 BC and has always been seen as an icon of luck, faith and hope. 

The reason why it’s thought of this way is due to its uniqueness. Usually, you’ll only see 3-leaf clovers. But with a rarity like the four-leaf clover, it gives the idea that anything is possible. Then, one thing led to another and it became a universal symbol of luck around the world.

Use the number 7

Players around the world have reached a consensus that 7 is a lucky number, which is also the reason why you’ll often see it being used in slot machines as the highest-paying symbol. A lot of theories of how it’s associated with luck are circling with some of the most famous ones being linked with real-world aspects such as 7 continents, 7 days in a week, etc.

Bring luck into your life!

These are some of the most common lucky gambling rituals done by players around the world to win more prizes and reduce their losses. From bringing lucky charms to doing certain tasks before making a move, these things are unique, to say the least. However, keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that a single ritual from this list can grant you more winnings since all casino games are based on either luck or skill.

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