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Everything you need to know about RNG in casinos

Random number generator or in simpler terms, RNG plays a vital role in the gambling industry both in on-site or online casinos. It’s the backbone of the industry, and without it, casinos would be neither fair nor enjoyable to play. Mainly used in slot machines, it’s a popular tool used to provide fairness and determine the RTP in casino games.

RNGs use an automated mathematical formula to generate random and fair game results as soon as you press the deal or spin button.

Knowing more about the RNG will give you the upper hand when playing casino games. Not only will you have a greater grasp of the gambling world, but you’ll also gain control and knowledge over your RTPs. So if you’re curious to know more about it, Bitcasino has listed down everything you need to know about RNG in casinos down below!

Two main types of RNG

There are two main types of RNGs, each with its own purpose, function and features to consider. These are the ‘True RNGs’ and the ‘Pseudo RNGs’. To better understand the software, you first have to know its types since you’re likely to encounter either one when playing casino games.

True Random Number Generator (TRNGs)

This type of RNG manually randomizes numbers instead of using computer software. Its process involves repeatedly sampling random changing signals which results in a sequence of random numbers.

The Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNGs)

This RNG variant produces random numbers using algorithms and provides results in an instant. This calculates the next results faster than any RNG type before the player even gets the chance to click deal or spin.

Why is it used in online casinos?

RNGs were added into the gambling industry as a new form of running slot machines since slots before used physical reels to come up with results and create winning combinations for a single payline. In today’s time, slots are more complex than they used to be and can produce results and combinations for multiple paylines all thanks to RNGs.

Aside from allowing game developers to create and make more slot games, RNGs also provide fairness and honesty in online casinos. They do this by considering no other factor aside from the press of a button when generating a result. The process is as follows: An RNG continuously generates numbers and only produces an outcome equivalent to the game result once the deal or spin button is pressed. 

And in addition, casinos with RNG games go through an Independent regulators test. If they fail this, they won’t receive an operational license. So before putting in your wager make sure to check if the site you’re playing at has the said license.

What games use RNGs?

Apart from well-known casino games that generally run on RNGs such as slots, there are other casino games that function and depend on this software. Most casino games nowadays employ this software to offer the element of luck like software-based roulette, blackjack, mega millions and a variety of other titles.

This works with online blackjack games by providing you with a unique value every time that will play as your hole card. This means the cards you’re dealt with are cards that are always pre-determined and randomly generated. In roulette, the RNG determines the winning numbers while in slots, it decides which symbols land on what reels.

Can RNGs affect the RTP?

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to RNGs is how they can affect your RTP. RNGs are designed to select specific numbers in order to maintain a consistent return to player (RTP) rate and as of 2016, online casinos are required to monitor the RTPs of their games to ensure their system isn’t flawed. So yes, RNGs can affect your RTPs.

A great way to tell if the RNG has been tweaked is by splitting the entire value of all payouts of a certain game by the total amount of turnover. Its results should be as near to the hypothetical RTP as possible, if not, this means the software has been reviewed and meddled with.

When it comes to RNGs, no amount of skill can overcome the RTP rates of a machine but the timing and every split second you press the deal or spin button make all the difference between a win and a loss. This is why it is referred to as a ‘theoretical RTP.’ Most online casinos generally disclose true RTPs on their site.

Can RNGs affect your gaming strategy?

RNGs influence which gaming strategies you can use in playing casino games since their randomized nature removes the need for skills. For example, no gaming strategy can help you predict the result of a slot game spin so you can forget about using one.

However, betting strategies can still be helpful in scoring wins since these rely on previous game results rather than predicting future outcomes.

How it affects live online casinos

Over the last 5 years, live dealer games in online casinos where real people deal and host casino games in real-time have grown in popularity. Since dealers are present to shuffle the deck and facilitate the rounds, these games don’t use RNGs.

Instead, live casinos use multiple security measures such as automatic deck shufflers, individual card tags and barcode scanners to ensure that every game result is random and fair. These also assure the players that no one, especially the dealer, can tamper with the results.

It’s fun, fast and fair thanks to RNG

Many wonder at the fairness of online casinos especially since they’re on the internet where numerous hacks happen every minute. Fortunately, RNGs are here to put your worries to rest. The next time you play slots or any table game, you can do so with full confidence that nothing can tamper with your game.

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