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Learn how to play craps and become a pro! Craps is a straightforward game involving dice and luck that’s still popular to this day. Players put down bets on the outcome of the dice or a series of rolls and wait if their predictions are correct.  Craps started when soldiers of ancient Rome used knuckle-bones of pigs as dice. Later on, a leader during the Crusades, Sir William Tyre, contributed to the game’s creation by naming it, Hazard. This is because he and his knights were passing time by playing dice while waiting to seize castle Hazarth.  Fast forward to today, the entertaining and thrillingRead More →

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Baccarat side bets: Smart betting for beginners You cannot blame baccarat for being one of the most favoured casino games since it has easy and fast-paced gameplay. Here, you have a simple goal, and that is to choose which hand will land a high value close to or equal to 9. On top of that, baccarat provides rewards that will make you play again and again.  If you want to enjoy the maximum baccarat experience, refresh your playing skills by reading the baccarat rules as well as its bet types below! Rules of baccarat The first thing you need to know about baccarat is theRead More →

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Lucky gambling rituals that’ll make you a winner Ever since casino games were introduced to the world, players have been formulating different theories that can help them increase their chances of winning. This is because they know that these fun and rewarding games only have two outcomes: winning and losing. This resulted in players relying on lucky gambling rituals to make sure they have a high chance of winning.  They believe that doing certain things, wearing specific colours and bringing random objects that correspond to luck can help them win more and lose less. If you want to learn more about these lucky gambling ritualsRead More →

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Feel like a high-roller by watching the best casino movies! If you’re looking to take a break from the flashy lights and fast-paced action of every casino game there is, you can unwind by watching some of the best movies based in this industry. These films tackle casino games in a way you’ve never seen before and they always add excitement that will make you want to come back and play. To help kickstart your movie marathon, here are some of the best casino movies you can watch today: 21 (2008) Released in 2008, 21 is a gritty take on the usual fun and colourfulRead More →

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Build a fortune with these top Viking slot games Slot games offer various themes that enable players to have a thrilling and exciting gaming experience. These may be derived from different cultures, and one of the most used narratives are Viking plots. Due to the immersive gameplay it provides, many players can enjoy it whilst earning money.  The Vikings are widely used in slots games due to their legendary reign. Their presence during 793 AD was renowned for pillaging towns, monasteries, and other religious buildings. Because of that, they rapidly spread and conquered communities over Europe and Russia and left an indelible mark on theRead More →

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Different blackjack hand signals you can use  In both land-based and online casinos, there is a certain set of etiquette that guides all gamblers to be respectful of each other. This is to prevent disturbance or any action that can come across as rude for some. Part of casino etiquette is the use of hand signals, which is present in various table games. The most common hand signals that you should keep in mind are the ones used for blackjack. Take note that there are two variations which are classic and face down variations. To know how to use these hand signals, continue reading theRead More →

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Beat the banker in Deal or No deal! Inspired by the world-renowned game show ‘Deal or No Deal’, this online title by Evolution Gaming captures the thrilling and rewarding atmosphere of its live counterpart that caters to players who want to access it in the comforts of their home. Are you curious about how to beat the banker? Dive into the basics here at Bitcasino! What is Deal or no Deal? The premise of this game is similar to that of a famous reality game show where players are given the option to guess whether the total amount of money in the remaining 16 briefcasesRead More →

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Learn how to play Monopoly Live and increase your chances of winning! Monopoly is considered one of the most popular board games across the world. With its popularity, many variants were introduced to players, one of which is Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live. Launched in 2019, it quickly became one of the most popular live dealers on the internet. Now, it’s one of the most in-demand Monopoly variants among casino enthusiasts.  Are you curious to know more about this game? Dive into it when you read this article at Bitcasino. What is Monopoly Live? Monopoly live is recorded in a studio that brings players into anRead More →

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7 things you need to consider before getting into cryptocurrencies For more than a decade, Bitcoin and countless other cryptocurrencies have become assets lots of people have invested in. However, with a lot of great choices to choose from, it becomes difficult for investors to pick which of these cryptocurrencies to invest in. To help you learn how to choose the right cryptocurrency, Bitcasino has prepared this guide for you. So keep reading to begin your cryptocurrency investment journey today.  Know the purpose of the cryptocurrency Before you start investing in a cryptocurrency, you need to understand two important things about it: its revenue modelRead More →

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Fun games & rewards await with these casino game providers Looking for exciting casino games to play at Bitcasino? Then the following online casino game providers are the ones you’re looking for. With each of these developers giving world-class casino experiences through high-definition graphics, sound and of course, great high-paying rewards, your gaming experience will surely be a memorable one.  To learn more about each of these developers and what their games can give you, keep reading this article. Once you’ve done reading, play their thrilling games here at Bitcasino! Play’n GO Established in 1997, Play’n GO is one of the gambling industry’s most well-knownRead More →