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When playing a casino game, you might have noticed that there are certain percentages presented on the bottom part of your screen. These are RTPs or Return to Player percentages that are often shown in various games, especially slots. 

The RTP is deemed by many players as a crucial gaming factor to consider when choosing which games to play in online casinos. But what is it really and how does it work? Get an up-close and personal look at slot games RTP here at Bitcasino!

All you need to know about RTP: What it is and how it works

Return to Player (RTP) is a value expressed in percentage that shows how much of the total bet a slot game receives is returned to the player over an unlimited number of spins.

When choosing between multiple slot games to play, you can factor in the RTP and compare their values. The higher the RTP, the bigger the expected return can be. However, this number does not guarantee your win in every session.

An RTP is a theoretical value that does not apply in literal terms.

It’s important to note that anything can happen during a casino game and there is no guarantee that the exact RTP of your total bet will be returned in the long term. ‘Long term’ means over a million rounds and not a single session of a game where you play it over a hundred times.

How the RTP is computed

Calculating slot games RTP

The RTP of a certain slot is determined by the gaming provider after they run a series of test spins of the game. It is computed by dividing the total winning amount by the total betting amount then multiplying the result by 100%. To know how this is calculated, see the sample formula below:

RTP= total player wins/total player bets*100%

Keep in mind that to get a slot game’s RTP, the values above are based on actual wins and bets placed by the gaming provider during their trial stage. All of these are not theoretical numbers that were inputted at random.

Non-strategy games RTP

For other casino games aside from slots, there are no tests required to calculate its RTP. A typical non-strategy game like baccarat uses the formula below to determine its RTP:

RTP = 100% – house edge

The house edge mentioned above refers to the casino’s advantage in the game. Since most casino games are house versus player, the upper hand of one side leads to the disadvantageous position of the other. 

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Loose slots and tight slots

Slots that have an average RTP of 96% and above are referred to as ‘loose slots’ because they reward players with bigger payouts. Meanwhile, the opposite ‘tight slots’ are those games with an RTP of 92% or lower that give fewer rewards to players.

Land-based and online slots: Which has better RTP?

Most land-based casino slots have lower RTPs, usually ranging from 70% to 90%. Only a handful of slot games in these venues can reach an RTP of 92% or higher.

Slot machines in brick and mortar locations have lower returns because casino expenses and profits are taken into consideration. Since it costs more to operate a physical venue, it results in a low RTP or payout percentage for the players.

Meanwhile, online casinos don’t have to worry about any costly factors because they can have many games at their disposal without anything holding them back. In turn, they can afford to offer slots that have higher RTPs.

Does the RTP matter?

The RTP is a way for you to know if it’s possible to win from the game, despite all the highs and lows over a series of rounds. This ensures that even if you encounter any losses, you can still reap some rewards in the long run.

Can the RTP be changed?

No one can mess with a game’s algorithm, not the player nor the casino. The only one who has access to the game is the developer. However, there are some instances where the RTP of a game is modified by the gaming providers depending on the casino. That’s why some slots have different RTPs depending on which casino site you play them on.

A good example is the Zeus God of Thunder slot by Scientific Games which has three varied RTPs: 92%, 94% and 96%. If you want to see for yourself if the game is fair, visit official testing labs like eCogra and check the licenses of the online casino to see if they abide by the set rules.

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Comparing RTP with other factors: What’s the difference?

RTP is often confused with other gaming factors like house edge, volatility and hit frequency. Each one has its own distinct characteristics that help you choose which one to play and strategize. Know their key differences here:

RTP versus house edge

Both the house edge and RTP work to one side’s advantage. Its key difference is the former is for the casino while the latter is for the player. The RTP is the possible amount that is most likely to return to the gamer while the house edge is described as the casino’s profit after a series of stakes.

RTP versus volatility

Volatility is often interchanged with RTP but they work in two different ways. RTP is defined as the payout percentage of a player while volatility is the level of payouts you will receive and the frequency of your wins.

This is usually categorized into three levels: high, medium and low volatility. High volatility slots have less frequent payouts but give huge rewards while its opposite pays more often but in smaller values.

RTP versus hit frequency

RTP is a player’s payout percentage over a course of spins while hit frequency entails how often you can land on a winning combination. Additionally, hit frequencies vary depending on the gameplay of the casino game. Some games’ hit frequencies can range from 3% while others like video poker reach up to 45%.

By definition, hit frequency is similar to volatility, instead of RTP. The only difference is the latter also includes the amount of a payout in every game while the latter is focused only on how often you can hit the winning combinations on the reels.

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Where’s the lie? Debunking myths about slot games RTP

A slot game’s RTP is a complex concept that is often misunderstood by many people. Dig deeper into the truth by uncovering the most common myths about RTP here:

RTP shows the percentage of your assured wins

Even if the concept of an RTP can be misconstrued to return a majority of your bets, it does not ensure any wins during the game. It’s important to keep in mind that the RTP is generated after several tests of countless amounts of spins so it does not exactly equal how much your payouts will be at the end. 

For example, if you placed a bet worth $100 on a slot with an RTP of 98%, it doesn’t mean that you will win $98 back. Regardless of how high a slot RTP is, it cannot ensure that you will gain a specific amount in return.

RTP predicts the payout frequency

Contrary to popular belief, outcomes of a slot game cannot be predicted with the RTP. This is because of the mechanism behind it called the Random Name Generator (RNG). It generates the final result that cannot be known beforehand. That’s why you can never control what the results will be since the winning combinations are in random order.

Online casinos manipulate the RTP

Many people have this misconception that the RTP is controlled by online casinos and that they can change it at will. In reality, only the game developers have access to the game’s core settings and casinos can’t change the RTP. Anything related to a game is completely outside the control of casinos as these are played directly from the provider’s servers.

RTP doesn’t matter in the game

Although the RTP can’t assure you a win in every round, it gives you an idea of how rewarding a slot can be. It also shows the possibility of you landing a win in a certain slot game. Also, it helps you choose the best slot to play. Compared to a slot with a lower RTP like 92%, the one with a high RTP of 96% is more appealing to players because it gives you better chances at winning and landing a higher payout.

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Top Bitcoin slots with highest RTPs at Bitcasino

With your knowledge about RTPs, it’s time to get the ball rolling by playing different slot games at Bitcasino. The most popular picks with the highest RTPS are found below so check them all out and experience casino gaming to the fullest:

Mega Joker

RTP: 99%

For 20 years already, NetEnt has been known as a top gaming provider because of its detailed graphic design and fun slot games. At the helm of their slot variants is Mega Joker with an RTP of 99%. It’s a classic favourite by many casino players because of its amazing graphics and high rewards.

To make the most out of the experience, trigger the skill element called ‘Supermeter’ where you wager your payouts to increase their value up another level. For a more fun experience at Bitcasino, you can explore the different games of NetEnt which are all interactive and exciting that are enjoyable even in the comfort of your home.

Wild Swarm

RTP: 97.03%

Get ready to be swarmed with fun and excitement by playing Push Gaming’s slot game, Wild Swarm. It’s an interesting game with different features like the Instant Prize Mode, Wild Free Spins and the Swarm Mode. This is another successful creation by Push Gaming which is known for its artistic displays and immersive gameplay.

To get started, all you have to do is pick your preferred bet and press the bet button. Afterwards, you can start playing and spinning the reels to your heart’s content. Try the fun mode at Bitcasino to get a knack of the game without putting anything at stake yet.

9k Yeti

RTP: 97%

Since 2013, the games from Yggdrasil have been making waves in the entertainment scene. They are known for their unique themes, ranging from mystical to historical slots that you can enjoy directly here at Bitcasino. On that note, one of their most famous games on the site is the 9K Yeti.

With high volatility and an RTP of 97%, this slot is bound to make you obsessed with spinning the reels over and over again. Some of its most prominent features include the Free Spins and a jackpot of 9,000x your wager.

Beats EX

RTP: 96.17%

With payouts that could reach up to 2,000x your bet in every spin, Beats EX will leave you dancing in your seat with its superb gameplay and attractive designs. This is a slot created by OneTouch who is known for its mobile-friendly games.

Apart from its RTP of 96.17%, you can also get the chance to win a maximum of 999 continuous free spins in a row by trying it out at Bitcasino. What’s more, you can place your bets using your Bitcoins and easily withdraw your winnings with no hassle.

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Jammin Jars

RTP: 96.8%

Jammin Jars is an eye-catching and fruit-themed slot by Push Gaming. It’s an 8-reel slot game with a colourful display of various fruits like oranges, apples and strawberries. With the disco backdrop and an upbeat song playing in the background, you can have the best time of your life playing this slot with its high RTP of up to 96.8%. Get the chance to unlock the free games and rainbow feature by playing it here at Bitcasino.

Vikings Go Berzerk

RTP: 96.1%

If you prefer action-packed slots with the most amazing graphics, play Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go Berzerk. It’s a slot game with medium volatility and a high RTP of up to 96.1%. The more you win, the more the Vikings’ Rage meter increases and once their madness reaches its peak, you are rewarded with 7 free spins. Trying it here at Bitcasino will keep you on your toes as it fills you with an adrenaline rush like no other.

Hit the Gold! Hold and Win

RTP: 95.66%

Booongo is an internationally renowned game developer of various online slot games with amazing high-definition specs and innovative designs. One of their most popular creations is Hit the Gold! Hold and Win.

It’s a game with a dynamic paytable that varies depending on your selected bet. To make the experience more exciting at Bitcasino, ignite its free spins and bonus game features. You can also get the chance to get a jackpot prize by playing it consistently.

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Famous casino games with high RTPs

Aside from slots, RTPs can also be found in various casino games like table and board games. Some of the most notable examples are:

Single Deck Blackjack

RTP: 99.86%

As its name suggests, the Single Deck Blackjack only uses a single deck rather than the usual six decks. This game by Betsoft Gaming has a multi-hand setup that allows you to put up to three different bets to increase your chances of winning. Compared to other table games, this variant has the lowest house edge but with a high RTP.

If you want to explore more about the different casino games by Betsoft, check out the different options at Bitcasino. This gaming provider is famous for its 3D graphics and immersive sound design so don’t miss out on the fun and play now!

Aces and Eights

RTP: 99.09%

Aces and Eights is a fun video poker game that is the best avenue to practice your poker skills. Unlike other similar types, this variant allows you to choose the five cards that you want to hold to form the best possible hand.

It has two dealing phases and once they end, you’ll win if you get a Jacks or better. Because of its simple gameplay, its RTP rises to 99.09% and gives you more chances of winning.


RTP: 98.94%

With a house edge of 1.06% and a high RTP of 98.94%, baccarat is commonly played by many casino players compared to other table games. To win in this game, all you have to do is correctly guess which one between the player and the banker will have a hand that is closest to 9. Since you only have two options, the possibility of achieving victory is evenly split in a fifty-fifty chance.

Maximize the potential of slot games RTP here at Bitcasino

RTPs are not only limited to slots but are also found in other casino games like poker, baccarat and more. Test your fate and use your knowledge about slot games RTP when you play here at Bitcasino. Grab this chance now to increase your wins and snag the most amazing rewards!

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